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Camaro Camaro Camaro + the Centurion Carbon Pro seat heaters


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So I have had a new Camaro Black Tec since about August this year. Never put it on until today.


When it cooled down this year I used my Camaro Modetec .5MM. Water in the upper 50s and air in the low 60s the Modetec is warm enough.


Second set I tried out the new Black Tec. HOLY CRAP! So warm. These guys just make the warmest most comfortable stuff.


Oooo and the seat heaters in the Carbon Pro keep my ass toasty when driving.

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Thinking of getting a seat heater for the MC...we're not as spoiled as the SoCal and Florida folks, but central Texas has made us a little bit wimpy in the cold.

Worth noting: best investment I made was Roxy heated vest to go under wife's wetsuit...that thing Rocks:!!

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