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Acapulco MX


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My work travels have recently taken me to Acapulco Mexico. I arrived here from Phoenix through the dreaded Mexico City airport. I say this tongue in cheek, as there are many airports in the US and worldwide that are far more confusing. The transfer was a snap. I have now been here for three weeks. I have had a great, safe, time and especially thanks to Gordon Rathbun. Ski Paradise is in the off season now and Gordon and I have been skiing, golfing and he has treated me to a fantastic Caesar salad at the villa. The Villa, by the way is over the top in regards to a luxury vacation. It is a must see, overlooking the entire Acapulco skyline. Anyone on the fence about a great vacation and skiing experience at Ski Paradise.. Do it.

Thank you Gordon and Gabriella


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  • Baller

Spent 4 weeks there February -March

Second time there for us

Great hospitality!!!!!!

Great coaches!!!!!!!!

Impressive accomodations!!!!!!!!

Great fun!!!!!!!!!

Great vacation!!!!!!!

The best thing you can do for yourself and your partner

Can't wait to go back!!!!!!

Gabriella and Gordon have got it down to a fine art

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