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lxi steering cable change


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Posted this on Malibu crew, but figured it might come in handy for someone here too.


I read a couple writeups about doing this, but thought they were a little incomplete, so here goes. Took about 60 minutes to change the cable and would have been 45 if i had brought my 1/4 ratchet rather than a 3/8 with a 1/4 adapter. If you do not have a set of gear wrenches this would be a miserably slow job at the rudder end.


1) pull the floor panel behind motor box

2) reach back and pull rudder arm all the way towards you.

3) use a 9/16 gear wrench on the top nut and a 9/16 open end on the center"nut" which is actually part of the stud. Remove top nut and washer.




4) Push rudder arm back as far as you can, push down on cable to get stud out of rudder arm.

5) pull cable towards you as far as you can and use 9/16 on stud and 1/2 gear wrench on bottom nut, make sure not to drop washer off when nut comes off. Remove stud from cable end.

6) use ?? (adjustable wrench) to loosen cable nut and then pull the cable out of the sleeve attached to crossmember, put cable end on towel laid over top of back seat.




7) remove 4 bolts holding helm to rack (drivers footwell). 3/8 socket on short handle 1/4 drive would have been awesome.



8) pull rack down where you can safely cut cable. Cut cable with cutoff wheel in grinder or hacksaw if you are Amish.



9) remove drivers kick plate so that you can see where the cable and wiring goes into the floor.



10) duck tape rudder end of new cable to cut end of old cable, especially around nut.



11) have helper pull old cable from rear while you push from front. When new cable enters motor compartment you may need to open motor cover and grab cables to help through hole.


12) once you get the new cable to the back, remove duct tape and feed new cable through tube in back.



13) reinstall stud on cable, screw cable nut to tube, push rudder arm back, push cable down to get stud in arm, pull arm forward and reinstall washer and nut.


14) set rudder arm at 90 degrees so that rudder is straight.


15) center steering wheel, then set rack on helm and reinstall 4 bolts.


16) put back kick panel, floor plate, turn wheel a few times and then go ski the course.



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