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I know everyone is tired of talking about bad pucks but here is another thread about it. Will this puck work for my perfect pass system? The puck failed this weekend and at $150 vs $269 it is a much better deal. After searching the forum I wasn't able to find a definitive answer to see if it will work or not; others have used it for their ZO and it has worked but I know they are different plugs.







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The ZO cable has 4 wires, but the puck has 6 (I opened one of ZO's units) like the one advertised, 3 x common (-) and three other.

I suggest you open the wire loom (on your broken puck) and check which wires gets connected together to make the common wire and where the other 3 colours connect to and do the same on the Garmin unit using your loom.


Maybe someone can shed light on the "software compatibility"


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