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Veteran needs help!


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The Veteran is MasterCraft Prostar 190 1998 based in Moscow, Russia


I have a very slight understanding about boats and our driver hardly speak English ))

So my apologies if something sounds funny!



The problem is with the part which I understand is for water circulation.

It started leaking and making sound like slack rubber belt in old car (or tomcat in March :) ). Looks like this is it’s swan song ((


Could anybody help with advice?

Is there a budget way to fix a problem?

Where to buy either factory renovated pump or new with reasonable price tag?

Or is there a repair kit with manual?

Many thanks for any feedback!


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The water pump seals are gone. There is a weep hole on the underside that is designed to leek when the seals wear out.


You have three choices:


1) you can get a seal kit from this guy http://stores.ebay.com/WATER-PUMP-MAN This choice requires some mechanical skill ...you can also buy rebuilt water pumps from him


2) you can buy a marine water pump from www.skidim.com ....new expensive option


3) you can buy an automotive water pump equivalent....cheaper seals and impellor designed to be in contact with antifreeze, will corrode faster in contact with raw water. This is the same water pump as cars that had LT1s...Corvette, Firebirds, Camaros,


If your picture is the correct part, then it looks like you have an LT1. You need a reverse rotation pump that feeds water to the heads first. You need to verify which engine you have.


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Years ago, when I asked if there was a difference between the automotive version and the Indmar version on the Mastercraft Teamtalk site, "Engine Nut" who worked for Indmar claimed that they used different seals and a different material for the impellor.


Take that for what it's worth....for the price difference, you could have 4 or 5 automotive ones for the price that skidim wants,

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