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Skiers/Club suffer extensive damage after storms..looking for some help.


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@Stevie Boy


You should look at the entire gofundme write up and pictures.


@Horton ....better?



The Aberdeen Aqua Addicts need all the help they can get after suffering extensive property damage in a recent severe storm.


Our losses include:

Hydrodyne Twin Rig Ski Boat

Malibu Response Ski Boat

Three boat lifts

One aluminum dock


There was also damage to the power supply to our water well.


Costs for repairs and replacements of damaged or destroyed property are estimated between $50,000 and $75,000. Our insurance covers our boats but does not cover the extensive damage that has happened to our boat lifts.


Over the last few years, many of our members, families, and friends have put countless hours of hard work into making our ski site beautiful. We hope you will consider donating in order to help us repair the site so it can continue to be used and enjoyed for the remainder of this summer and for many ski seasons yet to come. Thank you!

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