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My 13m and 12m/55k advice please!


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My 13m/55k was getting better and I could run it with narrow gate also.


I got 2.5 for the very first time 12m!

after after this pass,i couldn't get more than 1.

I tried to keep the handle low, don't let the handle go away from the body.

but I just couldn't go wide at 1 buoy.


What should I do??

Here is a video with my 13 and 12 below.

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@Ryota excellent progress. I agree with @gregy that you are drifting in on the gate and that is creating some problems. I also think you could ramp up the intensity into the first wake on your gates a little.


The big issue I think that you aren't comfortable with yet is the geometry and site lines at 12M. They are completely different than 13M. At 12M you can pretty much carry the handle around the buoy. At 12M you need to start thinking about just getting the ski around the ball. I didn't think your starts looked that bad in the videos but I don't think you trusted that the ski would get around the ball. This thought helped me get further down the rope at 12M. When I release the handle I think about skiing away from the handle and stretching the ski around the ball. All I want to do is get the ski around the ball not my hips or my head. Then I let the ski finish and ski back to the handle. Another thought that worked as well is to really think about stretching in the turn.


For me at 12M and beyond the only thing you need to get around the buoy is the ski and that is a different thought than other line lengths where you have plenty of rope.


There are plenty of people here that are much better than I am but I think those folks that run 11.25 and shorter do this instinctively now and it is a difficult concept to get used to. You are never as wide at 12 as you are at 13 and longer.

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