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Review of Horton


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This weekend my husband and I skied with Horton. I decided to write a review...


1). It was wonderful to meet the Horton family! John and Kim were gracious hosts and opened their lake home to us. And their baby is beautiful, smart, and pure joy.


2). Awesome to ski behind the Centurion with no bump at 22!


3). The ski site is primo! Perfect conditions all weekend.


4). I am not one to make changes to my ski setup. But Horton made a suggestion and I decided to go for it...and I'm so glad I did! I still have much improvement to make, but my stack position is better! Thx Horton!


5). Last but not least, it was also a pleasure to meet Bob, Mike, Dean, Genia, Rico, and Harry too! If you ever find yourself traveling thru Columbus, Ohio give us a call! We are always ready to give fellow ballers a ski pull!


6). Did I mention that the Centurion is an awesome boat to ski behind?


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  • Baller_
All the good comments would end at Buford and Kim. I guess if I was invited over and had the run of his house, drank all his Crown (and IPA), use up all his boat gas and somehow put his Warp in my ski tube for the ride home, I would maybe talk him up a bit.
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