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2016 FISU university worlds


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  • Baller_

Well here I found myself in Japan for the University world waterski championships. Saw the men go off in all three events. Dane Mechler threw down in a run off to run 2 @41 ! Then we had Josh Bryant go big in tricks 11,???? Great run. Top it off with my boy Martin Kolman winning jump on his last attempt and sealing the overall also. Lauren "Poochie" Morgan 1 and done to win women's jump. For more on the scores Vist USAWS Web site for all the scores.

Off to Spain for the senior worlds!gt026fcxt3wa.jpg


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  • Baller


Tricks made a big difference in the results. US wasn't even in the top 3 teams before the

Mens Series 1 tricks. Huge variation in trick scores, from Josh Briant winning with 11,740

to just 3630 to make the top 12 for Finals. Similar for Women, with Giannina Bonnemann

having a score of 8880 in the prelims, but just 3040 needed to make the final round.


Out of a possible 3000 team points in Tricks, the most any team got was some 1787,

while SL and JU points were mid 2000's and up for several teams.


Notable is that the Czech Republic, with only 4 skiers (vs. 6 allowed) got 2nd Team, a lot

thanks to Overall winner Martin Kolman.


For all results, see: http://www.iwwfed-ea.org/classic/16IWWF01/

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