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Waterski DVDs - list and where to buy thread


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With winter approaching most places not socal or Florida I Just popped open my DVD cabinet which like most these days isn't growing. I do have a few vids produced mostly through the latter part of the 00-10 decade


However, I'm missing a few that Id love to add to my collection.


I have and would highly recommend:

- Gifted by Brad Prekuils (sp). One of the best skiing DVDs ever produced

- Slash. Chris Rossi. Amazing footage and soundtrack

- the 32 accounts. Similar to Gifted with some great narration and in depth skier focus

- edged in water 2. Risto/Waterski mag. A global perspective. Probably the best overall ski "film" I've seen

- west coast advanced slalom instructional. Syderhoud. "Controversial"



- Edged 1. Seen it years ago but couldn't put my mitts on a copy

- anything from PJ Macmillan

- drew Ross slalom instructional

- mapple instructional. Saw it years back when it came out and thought it was the exact opposite direction ski vids needed to go at the time with wakeboardings increasing popularity and the overall confusing content. Woukd like to revisit though, especially after having met Mr mapple and his unfortunate passing


Can't recall any others, please list and any sources to buy any of them or thr ones ive listed.

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