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Here is where you can find tournament scores ... pretty much always


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  • Baller

Before every major tournament, there is always a baller or two asking “where can you find the scores online?”


Here is a list of places to check below. If scores aren’t in one of these spots, more than likely they aren’t available online:


1) waterskiresults.com - an increasing number of AWSA tournaments (that have access to wifi) have their scores posted here instantaneously


2) iwwfed-ea.org - the best source of scores for tournaments outside the U.S. Seriously, these guys have been able to figure out what the U.S. has trouble accomplishing.


3) nautiquebigdawg.com - At each Big Dawg tour stop they have an updating excel spreadsheet showing scores and brackets.


4) usawaterski.org - never live scoring, but usually articles that point you in the right direction. Especially a good source of information on tournaments ran by boat companies, such as the Malibu Open and Nautique’s Masters and US Open. For example, on the US Open/Big Dawg story currently on their homepage, they direct readers to running orders, schedule of events and eventual live score and online broadcast


5) iwsf.com - never has live scoring, but sometimes links to the local organizing committee's website


6) google - If you googled “us open of water skiing” right now it would take you directly to the event website, where one would find running orders, FAQs and the online broadcast

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  • Baller_

So I was talking to one of my ski partner's mom today. I'm not sure how old she is but the neighborhood is 80. Her son was supposed to fly in from the west (he lives out west but summers in NY) and meet me at a L/R southern region tournament a few weeks ago. He had to bail at the last minute due to a sudden serious illness. He texted me the day we were to meet at the site to practice to say he wasn't coming, he was having surgery instead and don't say anything to anyone because he wasn't telling his mom until it was over.


So his mom and I were discussing all of this and she said that his wife called her after all and she knew before the surgery. Then she said:"If he hadn't told me, I would have known something was up right away. I follow all of his tournament scores on line and if he hadn't posted a score by Saturday noon I would have been on the phone. I follow your scores, too, John".


I guess Big Sister is watching.


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