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First ride on 2017 Radar Vapor pro


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Took my first ride on my new 2017 Vapor pro yesterday. 2 sets with good results. Made my 1st 2 passes at -22 and immediately noticed what seemed like more surface area of the ski on the water. 1/3/5 offside turns the ski finished very smooth.

At shorter line lengths I noticed if you stand on the tail at one ball it will still have tip rise - making fun of my poor skiing.


I did make -28 in both sets which for me is my hardest pass to date (only been in the course for 4 years). But I was still getting used to the ski.


I should have spent a little more time at -22 because that pass is always pretty easy but it felt really automatic on both sides but mainly on the offside. -28 I made many of the same technical mistakes I always do -mainly skiing it like its -38 so that did not allow me to benefit from the ski's mojo at that line length YET!


Overall it felt really easy to ride and an easy transition coming from the 1st gen Vapor I rode for the past 3 years. The green 2014 Vapor was an awesome ski and took me from -19 into -28, but I am confident this ski will take me well the next loops!


I know others will provide more detailed assessments of the ski getting deep into the shortest lines, however for those of who are maxed out at -28 like me hopefully this provides encouragement that this ski will provide noticeable gains to ski better!


Hope I could add more but that's it for now!


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