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Don't buy Proline Pro handle & rope!


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Hey guys,


Just a heads up to avoid these ropes at all costs. I bought one and after its first ski, it was bleeding dark purple dye all over my pristine gel coat and platform!


I sent it back and got a new one, it didn't bleed, but i discovered the end caps on the handle pop off if you grab it in the corner after a one handed gate. They pop back on, but it's highly annoying.


Also, after only skiing a few sets on it, a loop of white bungie cord popped up through the core of the rope.


I sent that one back as well and got a masterline - a million times better...


My friend had ordered the same proline rope as well - we tried it today - purple dye bled all over his boat! Highly annoying for an expensive rope.


Awful quality...



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