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Original Ballers?


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A little "baller" history




The Indiana Water Ski Association (IWSA) recently honored skier Prissy Edwards inducting her into the IWSA Hall of Fame. Prissy tells us that the Ski Ballers started somewhere in the mid-50’s as the Wiedeman Ski Ballers, then around 1960 changed to the Coney Island Ballers of Cincinnati, Ohio. They got a contract to perform 2 ski shows every Sunday on a small lake in the amusement park. Prissy got an invitation to ski with them in 1961 and that is where the red jacket pictured came from.

There were 2 teams, 1 for tournaments and 1 for shows of which Prissy skied for both. The Ballers won the Ohio Team Titles for many years. The club dissolved in 1965 when Coney Island closed to become King’s Island at a different location. Prissy is a current 3 event skier having skied in numerous Indiana and Ohio tournaments and the Nationals this past summer.




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