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2017 Malibu Response release video


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Softest, flattest wakes ever for the best skiing experience.


Loudon, TN | November 11, 2016 -- Malibu Boats, the global leader in watersports towboat sales, has introduced the all-new 2017 Response TXi, the second-generation of its record-setting waterski boat. The new TXi is designed to give skiers the softest, flattest wakes ever while putting a sharper edge on unmistakable Malibu style. Joining the line is the first-ever TXi Malibu Open Edition, named for the company’s premier ski tournament and equipped with exclusive features.


The original Malibu TXi reigned as the world’s premier ski boat, with skiers setting 10 world records behind it. Malibu drew on its three decades as a ski boat innovator to make the new, second-generation TXi the sport’s next legend. The new TXi, like the original, is easy to handle and makes an ideal ski boat for any line length and skill level.


“I am so excited about the future of this new hull and design,” said Malibu world record holder Regina Jacquess, who set a pending world record in the Response TXi’s second tournament appearance on November 5th, running three and a half buoys at 41 off.


“The wakes are non-existent, and because they are so flat, they do not impede the skier in trying to gain direction across the course,” she said, detailing her experience behind the new TXi. “The lack of wake allowed me to gain angle and width to get cross course at 41 off without interruption or loss of leverage, and that was key to my ability to set a new world record.”


The 2017 Malibu TXi is available in the classic closed-bow design or the contemporary open-bow model. For both, the new, cutting-edge profile hints at uncompromised performance. Malibu redesigned the famous T-cut Diamond hull with a wider bow, adjusted chines and angled strakes. As a result, the new, slightly larger TXi gives a better ride on the water, with increased lift and a more forgiving wake while maintaining its laser-like tracking on the water.


From the helm, the driver will feel higher precision handling at tournament speeds for all three events. Skiers looking to set a new personal best will benefit from the new TXi’s utter consistency and performance.


Form, function and signature Malibu style define the new TXi’s interior, which features a new, lower dash to improve driver sightlines. Improved ergonomics and storage make the 2017 TXi more user-friendly, and details such as new billet aluminum folding ski racks, glovebox and rear hatch lids exemplify renowned Malibu attention to detail.


New Malibu Open Edition

Named for Malibu’s premier ski tournament, the first-ever TXi Malibu Open Edition commemorates the best of the sport. Special touches abound in both the closed-bow or open-bow versions, making the TXi Malibu Open Edition the ultimate expression of premium design and functionality for the sport. An upgraded dash features a new Zero Off integrated 4.5” touch screen and special interior touches, plus exclusive badging.


Unrivaled Malibu Quality

An exceptionally wide range of available metallic and solid gelcoat color choices gives TXi buyers the opportunity to put their personal stamp on the boat. The 2017 TXi delivers the stellar Malibu workmanship that skiers rely on for consistency and long-lasting durability. Like all Malibu models, the 2017 Response TXi is backed by the industry’s best warranty and supported by the largest domestic and international dealer network in the watersports category.


About Malibu Boats

Malibu Boats is the world’s largest manufacturer of watersports towboats, owning over one-third of the worldwide market share. Malibu sells the Wakesetter, M235 and Response models -- as well as the Axis Wake Research brand -- through a global dealer network. With approximately 525 employees worldwide and three manufacturing facilities in California, Tennessee, and Australia, Malibu builds boats to help you live a #lifewithoutlimits on the water. [NASDAQ: MBUU] | @malibuboats










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