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Zero Off, Trick Mode but slalom skiing, with video


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From this long and very interesting thread:


Before you read below, who is next? Shoot some video and let's hear it!


Well I couldn't resist and needed to do some testing as well as shoot some video.

Couple of parameters to alleviate questions: Testing was on my 2014 200 with a 5.7L 343 engine Acme 654 prop, former promo boat, dual puck system. Decent quality video shot on my iphone. Air temp 75 water temp 75, Dec.4.


Both passes are 34.2 and 35off. We ran a full set on Slalom mode, A2 doing the usual stuff. Then at the end of the set, switched it over to Trick mode while keeping A2 but not sure how this would work out.


At 1 ball, the boat wasn't exactly there for me but I knew it would be behind the boat. Rest of the buoys we linked up and found a nice Rhythm.


The video doesn't lie, more importantly the Audio. If you crank up the audio and play the two one after the other, it's VERY obvious and hilarious for that matter.


Highly recommend turning up the volume on your computer speakers and just "listen" dont watch :)


If someone would like to run a stop watch on both passes, please do!


If someone would like to create an audio file showing the spikes/intensity, please as we would love to see the intensity versus time graphed. Would be very interesting.


Slalom mode, 35@34.2:





Trick mode, 35@34.2



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  • Baller_
I think I've preached on this before around here maybe but certainly to other skiers to "do something" with the handle off the second wake like leveling it (if you're not separated). Keeps the hands and brain on the handle longer. Chris P does the very same thing. I'm on and off with it as I usually forget but when remember to do it it helps greatly. Very smooth skiing with that handle control. Also, maybe it's just me but the slalom mode pass looked much better.
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