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From memory -



Throttle body (drive by wire)


Faria board (my boat is a team so this may not apply)


Plus the cost of the ZO unit. In AU $ the conversion was well north of 5k but mine was rolled into the purchase price from the dealer so it turned out to be a good deal for me.


The benefit from the changes I made are not limited to better speed control, the new ECU and larger throttle body increase the HP quite a bit I have been told. It certainly feels every bit as responsive as a newer 409.

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@bigskieridaho - 4 years ago converted an '03 Signature Series Excal 330 in about 12 hours, should have been less.


Basically as ozski described:

1. convert your engine to drive by wire (throttle body)

2. convert your engine to E-control (ECM)

3. install Zero Off (display, cable, antenna)


Pricing at that time was:


1.) $2400 (ECM, throttle body) based on PCM's 2012 pricing.


2.) $1565 Zero Off (for the Display, harness, 2 GPS antenna) + 40 for the CANBus and power harness


Total: ~$4120


Probably is ~ 6k with single antenna system, etc., now like @skierjp mentioned.


If you don't have a boat to convert yet, you're probably right, keep an eye out for a later model ZO SN 196 with a 6L (although may be hard to find) unless you're getting a super good price on the '03.

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Hi, the 6 liter conversion price is going be a bit more then the ex engines. Also does the boat have keyless or key Switch ignition? If you need a gateway that can run up to $900 for the unit. Then if you need to hire a tech or some one to install $900 to ????.
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