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I was at a ski club party last night and we were discussing some old photos in the clubhouse. There were shots of various events at the Tivoli Gardens sites (there have been several different Tivoli sites) over the years that included the 1978 Nationals and this unique record jump. I didn't remember the specific broadcast, but I watched "That's Incredible" when I was a teenager.





The worst slalom equipment I own is between my ears.

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  • Baller
My brother in law's parent's pontoon was one of the "neighbor's boats" Hank originally tried the stunt with on Crystal Lake in MN. Hank really didn't tell them what he was going to do when he lined them up and he scared the crap out of them when they saw what he was up to. Of course because Hank isn't stupid, the boats were lined up straight in front of the jump and the skier's path carries him outside the line of boats, so the chance of hitting one is slight. Nevertheless, it takes some nerve to even think about this. In the "That's Incredible" clip, he could have had at least a couple more boats, 'cause he really kicked that one... When Hank left the tundra for sunny Florida, I ended up with joint custody of his jump.
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