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Oklahoma City skiers out there?


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Hi there!


First-time poster, long-time reader/follower.


I will likely be moving from the Green Bay, Wisconsin to Oklahoma City in the next several weeks for a job and wanted to reach out to the BOS community to make some new skiing friends in the OKC area.


I am aware of River Bend/Pasture Lake three-event club in OKC (email already sent to contact listed in USAWS directory) and have already been in touch with a couple people, but just testing the waters to see where others might regularly go out to get some pulls in, network, etc...?


Grew up water skiing and have been show skiing and barefooting for the last ten-ish years with several different teams in Northern Illinois/Wisconsin -- never much an opportunity to run buoys.


Still looking for a place to live, as well, but will have to be OKC because of the nature of my job. Any suggestions would be appreciated there, as well!


Thanks for any and all info!





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