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What does AWSA stand for?


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You see we as three event waterskiing are now being lumped in with wake hopping , wake sliding and just about every thing else that USAWS presides over. It has been 25 years now that we as a sport group have been lumped in with USAWS. Our sport can not serve two presiding entity's that of AWSA and USAWS. Our membership numbers have now dipped far below what is needed to help prop up the other sport groups as our monetary input does not get fairly dispersed back to the AWSA. Competitive three event waterskiing (CTEW) Has an identity problem within the confines of USAWS as being again lumped in with their Towed watersports short sighted directional aspect.

AWSA stands for "American Waterski Association"

USAWS "Toad WaterSports" they are always hopping around trying to figure out how to make it all work.

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The name of the organization shall be “AMERICAN WATER SKI ASSOCIATION,” the abbreviation of which shall

be “AWSA”. This organization is a sport discipline of “USA WATER SKI, INC”, the abbreviation of which is “USAWS”.

USA-WS is the national governing body of water skiing in the United States.


The purpose of this organization shall be to organize, promote, and govern traditional/3-event water skiing in the

United States and to help organize and promote same throughout the world as a Sport Discipline of USA-WS.


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