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Vapor or Senate ? help me choose the right ski (65')


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Hi everybody,


I am new here and live in France. I have found plenty of information on the forum = thanks !


I used to go into the course (22 off) a long time ago but have been boarding for the last 15 years (...).


I am now 40 ... It is time to come back to slalom (and to trade my old 1996 Connelly Revolution by a new ski)


I will exclusively go into the course. Last year, the few sets I had were OK at 32 mph / 15 off.


What ski would you recommend between leftover Vapor Lithium 2014 ? Vapor Lithium 2015 ? Senate Graphite 2016 ?


Is the Vapor friendly enough for my level ?


Are the inserts pattern the same from 2014 to now ?


Thanks a lot for your help !

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