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Factory Ski Setting


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Hey everyone, I've been working on a project for a couple of months and I'm close to getting ready to roll it out. I've been working to collect the factory ski settings. I am creating a place where the settings can be recorded and hopefully it will be an easy resource for skiers, particularly in the secondary market.


I'm reaching out the the BoS community to ask: do you have a record of any factory setups? What I have so far is:


Radar: 2014-current

HO: Syndicate V-Type R, CX, Superlite CX, Women's CX, Boy's CX, Girl's CX, TX, Superlite TX, Women's TX, Freeride, Women's Freeride, Boy's Freeride, Girl's Freeride

D3: Helix, Helix GS, Quest, Quest GS, Fusion, Fusion GS, Z7 ST, Z7 ST Diamond, X7, X7 Pearl, X3, Z7, Z7 Diamond, Nomad RCX, Nomad RC, X5 Pro, Pro Rose, CX

Goode: ReV 6, NANO XTW, Nano XTT, Nano XTM, Nano One XT, NANO ONE, Nano 1FT, NANO 1, NANO 1XT, Flextail

Connelly: 2017

O'Brien: G5, Conquer/Pervail, Elite Alpha, Elite Quattro, Elite Jr., Endo, Synchro, Siege, Allegiance, Siege Jr., SIXAM SS, Seven, Mission, Pro Tour


I am probably missing some obvious / easy ones on the web. I should have the data put together and be ready to launch my site to the world soon.

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