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The thing about Centurions.....


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In the last few weeks I have been skiing behind a different (new to me) Centurion Carbon Pro. So this will be BOSCCP#4.


@Rico was "sick of work" tuesday so we were skiing and talking about the boat. We came to the decision that it was the same as the last one I had and that one was basically the same as the one before. The point is that the 4 Centurion Carbon Pros I have had have been VERY consistent. The first one was a 6.0L and it was more fun to drive around the islands but besides that all four boats have been basically the same except for the color.


I think that says a lot about the quality of the product.


Video with #4 will be out soon. Waiting on something from UPS...

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That's cool. I've never understood the variation...this boat has a great wake, that one not so much even tho same model. This one has the right prop, that one doesn't.


Never really understood the need for a weight here or there, in the bow, whatever (unless balancing crew load). If the boat is so much better that way shouldn't it have been weighted that way from the factory? Shouldn't it have the best prop?


Glad to hear about the consistency of the Centurion product.

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