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New ski: Day one on 2018 Vapor pro in less that optimal conditions


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Got a 2018 Vapor pro to upgrade from my 17 which sold in less than 24 hours on ski it again. Yesterday I had to violate my rule of only having one variable, new gloves, liners, rope whatever. I lost count of the variables and took it in stride as the season proper is winding down and I'm only skiing 1 day a week currently as I get back into climbing shape.


Yesterdays variables included:

New ski -2018 Vapor pro

1/2" further forward boot placement

12-15mph wind

New fin and wing settings

New style O'Neil dry suit that has a tighter fitting top. No more baggy on the uppers on the assault suits


All whining aside I did pretty well on the new ski. First set I was not really going for it and still made the 2nd pass. Second set I started the feel the offside mojo on the ski. It really whips around into angle. Onside continues to perform like all the other Vapors I have owned. The ski is edge to edge faster than the 2017 which makes it easier to correct and make up angle but can be detrimental if over skied. In 2 sets with all other variable I am no where near 'there' yet, however I do anticipate with more time on the ski I will get used to the new dynamics the 2018 brings to the water!


I was most concerned about how much farther the boots were thinking it would put my on my back foot or worse it would put me OTF. It did neither. It rode really well and balanced at the 29.7 or 29 5/8" from tail to rear of front boot as several suggested. This was a full 1/2" farther forward than where I rode the 2017.



Super psyched to come off the best season yet injury free and now on a new killer stick!




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