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New bindings for an old ski and an old guy

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Let's get this out of the way now, so I'm 64, been skiing on a 1989 O'brien TRC since it was new (the black, gold & red one that Camille Duvall use to advertise) and I DON'T LIKE CHANGE. I'm an advanced (old) recreational skier who likes to turn and burn. With that said, my 4th set of bindings just died last week (literally both bindings had the same failure). So, I'm looking for a new set. I have one very weak ankle so I feel most safe in a high wrap binding. I'm not brand loyal but I am money loyal. I've been looking at the new Connelly Tempest. The price is pretty good and it appears to be a higher boot. Since there aren't many retail outlets for ski stuff anymore (local Overtons store closed here in Raleigh after Gander Mountain raped and pillaged it.), it's really tough to order this kind of product from a picture and descriptions. Example, I ordered a set of the O'brien Division bindings from Overtons (on sale) and when I received them, I did not feel they were tall enough for me. But, most important I could barely get my feet in them even after wetting/soaping them in my bath tub. So, they are on their way back to Overtons. (These bindings are made way small.) Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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If you have been on an older binding I would recommend looking at a Wileys binding. They would likely be most similar to a binding from 1989. You can get them direct from Wileys or from Performance Ski. http://www.perfski.com/ski/slaloms/waterski-bindings/wiley-front-high-wrap-ho-d3-h277.html


If you have a funky hole pattern on your ski if you call Wileys direct and I would bet they can hook you up.


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