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Horton Horton

Looking for Reflex waterski Hybrid 2015 rff 64" - 66"


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Just starting the season on my favorite ski, doing very well, hit 5 buoy at 36 mph 32 off and crack my ski. Lucky no lasting injury. If anyone has one of these that is not using it I'd love to buy it off you.

FYI - that is actually the size. The left tip of the ski is a couple of inches longer than the right tip.


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@evolski Oddly enough I have one. I picked it up only because it is such an oddity. The one I have looks like new (ish) except a small chip in the paint on one of the bevels.


That chip would be very easy to fix and make look like new.


I have no idea what the ski is worth.

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Drop a dime in the can


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