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Nautique 200 help


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Ok so this is a very long story that I will try to keep brief. Last fall my buddies 200 died and would never crank the engine over. He called me and I spent a couple days looking at it before it had to go to winter storage. Never found the issue. We pulled it from storage and I am back working on it. About the boat it is a 2010 200 with a 6L analog gauges with a key. Things I have checked...


Safety switch

Neutral safety switch

Circuit breakers



While checking fuses I found that the ignition fuses did not have power on either side. I swapped the fuel pump and ignition relay and nothing changed. I then took the wiring harness apart and traced wires. I believe the ecm is suppose to ground the ignition relay and it is not. I then took the boat harness out of the equation and put power directly to the purple wire in the 8 pin engine harness and put a switch inline to supply intermittent power to the yellow with a red tracer wire for the starter. The engine did not crank. I was able to come up with a wiring diagram that I believe is close to what I have. It is for wiring harness RA121099 and I have wiring harness RA121106A. They are for the same year and engine but one has the auto start function. I checked for power at pins 45, 60, and 79 of the ecm connector. I then checked for ground on pins 56 and 69. All check ok. I believe I have a failed ecm but they fail so rarely I am looking for advice on anything else to check and to see if anyone can bench test an ecm for me. Would really like confirmation that it is bad before dropping almost 2k on a new ecm.


Engine: 02-601-01 Model: 505409

Wiring harness RA121106A

Ecm: $C2790641





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  • Baller
I own a 2010 200 with the 6L. I'm not a mechanic and don't fully understand everything you've tried, _but_ I had the same problem last year. Took out one of the larger fuses, bent the pin on it a bit, and boom - boat started like new. No problem since - fuse just wasn't making a connection...I doubt this is it for you but it's easy to try anyway - good luck.
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