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DBski Hot Rod update 3


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Been having way to much fun working on the Hot Rod! I'm ready to get my state inspection, get my VIN # and plate and start DRIVING! The car is far from done but I have everything done to pass inspection. I'd much rather be driving it while working on it vs. thinking about it. I never planned on painting it this year. I want to drive it this summer to work out any bugs and decide what changes I want to make before paint. I received the kit on Nov. 23 and these pictures were taken on April 19g884vneq4nu3.jpg



. Considering I lost over a month of work time waiting for parts I'm very happy with the progress. If any of you are contemplating tackling a Factory Five car I highly recommend it. It's not just straight bolt together, you'll have moments of frustration but with a little diligence it's a whole bunch of fun. Factory Five's tech support is very helpful and taking the Build School is a good way to determine if you want to take the plunge. I've driven the car a couple of times as I live in the middle of nowhere and it's going to be a whole bunch of fun! I hope I still have a license at the end of the summer.

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