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Question For a Tech controller


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If you're doing a 3 point survey, all you really need is something that turns angles accurately. This assumes you can measure accurately on the ground between the 3 points (sounds easier than it really is).

I would look for something with 10 second or better accuracy on angles and electronic distance measuring. What's your budget and how often will you use it? This stuff is pretty easy to rent.

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@9400 is right. The survey equipment is pretty easy to rent. The Leica Total Stations with prismless distance measurement are fantastic. A single point survey in well less than an hour, data feed directly into the Lion survey software, etc. They are expensive but rentable.


I have an older Topcon with built-in EDM and 3 second accuracy. A "buoy hat" with a prism works well for a single point survey. Three point surveys are very accurate.


10-second accuracy is required. 3-second accuracy is much better. Some kind of EDM isn't required but far, far easier to get accurate station to station distance measurements.


Searching eBay or other for a "total station" would likely get you pretty close to start learning more.


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