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Horton Horton

RLX - Re-decal


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So some of my decals were getting pretty old and starting to fall of. I decided to replace them.


Took off the old decals, wet sanded the area, finished up with the 3M 3-step rubbing compound and polish. Pretty happy with how it turned out.


The decals from Domed Numbers we a little smaller than the originals, just a heads up if you plan on doing this.


Before: xbw6bvnia2no.jpeg







After: 5iccvo6mxsi0.jpeg




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Your wet sanding and rubbing compound/polish appears to be extremely successful- great job! Did you have experience doing this before?


Also, how did you blend the area you polished with existing gel coat? It would seem doing the whole gel coat might be needed for consistency?


I’ve got the same boat with similar oxidation on the transom.


I also want to do the domed decal upgrade from domed numbers in the future as well, including the side “Malibu” with the background sun logo. They quoted me a lofty price for those but I think it would really pop.

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@MopedMedicks the way I've done this in the past when wet sanding is a four step approach using a DA polisher (HarborFreight cheapie) and a few different pads.


1. Wet sand

2. Heavy compound on a cutting pad. I like Chemical Guys Boat Heavy.

3. Polishing compound on a polishing pad (in all honesty, this could be the last polishing step before wax, but I'm a perfectionist). I like Chemical Guys Boat Revive polish here.

4. Polishing compound on a finishing pad


For the majority of the boat and very light oxidation, you can start at step 3. This is how it blends with the corrected areas requiring a more aggressive approach.

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@MopedMedicks I was really careful to not take too much off. I used a 2000 grit and then went to a 2500 grit. This was my first time wet-sanding the boat. Like what @UWSkier said I used a da polisher with the different pads per compound afterwards. I don’t think that there was much taken off of the gel coat.
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