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Needing a new propeller


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The propeller on my team's 2011 Centurion Carbon Pro has some dings in it, so I am planning on ordering a new propeller for the boat and fixing the current one to use as a spare. Unfortunately, I don't really know much about boat propellers. I was just going to buy the same prop that was currently on our boat, but I can't find one that has both the same diameter and pitch (4 blade OJ 13.0 x 14.5). One site recommended an ACME 537 4 blade (13.5 x 16) for the carbon pro when waterskiing or barefooting, but that seems like it will be a big change.


Does anyone have any recommendations on which prop will make the pull most similar to those of the Big Three in tournaments? Any suggestions are welcome and very appreciated!


Make: Centurion

Model: Carbon Pro

Year: 2011

Current Propeller: 4 blade OJ 13.0 x 14.5


Thank you!



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  • Baller

Acme 537 was standard-issue v-drive prop for many years with the gear reduction those ran. Your Carbon Pro will be noticeably slower out of the hole and might not make the revs (or torque) you're used to which will throw your ZO settings a bit out of whack.


Eric at OJ or Bill at Acme are both super helpful though. I'd recommend making some calls.

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