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Horton Horton

2013 Nautique Engine Shuts Down Randomly


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Maybe someone has had this issue before--


My boat shuts down (engine off, all gauges go blank) usually only when I am returning at the end of the day from the ski course. The course I ski at is in an open lake that is about a mile or so from the launch ramp. The trip out there is fine, skiing in the course is fine, but when I drive back (especially if the lake is choppy) the boat will suddenly die. I'll turn it back on right away and it will go for awhile and then die again (or not...).


It has shut off a few times going very slowly-- it will just turn off puttering around the dock and then be fine after that. I've taken it into the shop once already and they bypassed the safety strap (which didn't help).


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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