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Garmin GPS puck update


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My ski buddy with ZBox single GPS puck sent me this letter (below) from PerfectPass yesterday. We have noticed these symptoms (too long for GPS to "lock") in his boat recently.

I have a dual puck ZeroOff system (2013 Prostar 197), and have not noticed any differences in mine. Has anyone noticed any impacts on a ZO system? I presume the Garmin pucks are the same as my friend's ZBox.

Thank you.


May 2019


Re: Garmin GPS Units Slower to Lock


It became apparent in April of this year that the Garmin 5 Hz GPS units in circulation are taking longer to “lock” after being powered up than in previous years.


Initial delay to lock on a new boating day will take one or two minutes, but after key off & back on they normally take up to 38 seconds.


In previous years, you may have noticed that after a brief key off the GPS would lock faster than the current time of 38 seconds +/-.


Garmin has advised us that the satellite system changes require new “Almanac Data” updates to allow for faster starts and this updating is not happening automatically on older versions.


For most PerfectPass customers, a start time of 38 seconds or less is more than adequate and is not an issue that would affect their use of the product. For any customer that performs a lot of key offs in-between passes or sets and finds the re-lock time of 38 seconds +/- too slow there is a solution.


Garmin has recently produced a new V4.2 software version which PerfectPass has acquired which solves this issue and has other enhancements as well. Your GPS Puck can be updated to this version which will increase the Lock Speed.


The Puck can be mailed to PerfectPass for this update now or at the end of the season. The update cost is free, only return mailing charges will apply.


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