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2 new skis for family, radar


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I’ve had this 2016 radar 66” vapor since last year. Feeling good on this ski. Working on technique.

I’m 5’8” 155lbs slim and athletic.


Just got these 2 this week:

65” 2019 Radar Union for my wife and for my 12yr daughter and 10yr old son to ski on (wife was on a 64” combo ski and crappy boot and kids were on a small 1980s Connelly ski) so the 3 of them should love this. Then maybe next year or year after kids get their own ski.


67” 2018 Radar senate alloy. 2 reasons getting this. So I can go slower speed thru the course so I can really work on technique and then anyone which is usually all the time is bigger and heavier then me can use this ski (that know how much to slalom but not really going hard, just out there to swerve and spray). I’m looking forward to this weekend to try this one out at slower speeds thru course.


Thank you to folks for the help and advice.




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