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SporTube 3, TSA, and Thank Yous


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Thank you @MISkier for connecting me with Doug J; I was able to get a set in on Tuesday; thanks @kurt for the willingness, sorry the weather didn’t play out for us. Next year!?


First trip with the SporTube set up and it worked well. I got a helluva deal earlier this summer on a closeout ST3, and picked up a used Dakine 172cm padded soft bag, no wheels (Thanks @MickeyThompson ) to hold everything and make it more TSA-proof. For a few years I’ve been using a nylon Speedo BRAND back pack to carry gear; it holds everything but your ski, dries quickly, ultralight. Worked great for this trip too.


The best part was based on a tip I read from another Baller about using a safety bungee or some such to secure the SporTube just in case Mr TSA had trouble with the lock pin. Sure enough; dude in GRR failed to secure the pin through both halves...but my safety backup held.

(See pic)








For my next trip I will print tips and tape them on the case - bigger font than the factory sticker - to better ensure they pin it correctly.


PS: The funky yellow thing is a scuba-centric folding hanger I picked up from AMZN. It’s Bitchin. You’re welcome.


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