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Happy wife, Very happy life!


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Big night last night, my wife ran the course!! The backstory is that in her forties she was a regular course skier, could make 4 out of 6 passes at 30mph -15 off. In her fifties she suffered through some serious back issues. There were years where she was barely able to ski, maybe 10-15 days a year. Not only was the pain she was suffering tough, she was really frustrated as she couldn't enjoy the sport she loved so much! A couple years ago I got her a Goode power vest for Christmas. It really helped reduce her back issues. (Thanks Dave!) She would still have occasional issues but was able to increase her days of skiing. The big problem is that all the back issues caused her to ski very tentativly. She still had a great wake crossing, but was riding the tail into the ball. As a result she had slow lazy turns and would get behind and get 3-4 balls. I tried everything to get her up on the ski coming into the ball. Believe it or not she was actually researching on the forum and read slowing down the boat might help. I was skiing her at 27.5 so we slowed her down to 26.5 and it really helped. In the spring I also had her do a bunch of free skiing to build up her strength before we went to the ski lake and run balls. Another problem she was having was the timing on when to initiate her turn. She had a heck of a time starting her turn before the ball so that she was finishing at the ball. Finally something clicked and she is back skiing like her old self! The pass she made looked easy and she backed it up with the next pass just skiing inside 5 ball. Not bad for one week before her 61st birthday! I'm a very lucky guy to have a wife that shares the addiction.

P.S. The water isn't cold, she wears a shorty in 85 degree water!ug1n504uqf5a.jpg


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