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Winter Skiing | FPM Podcast #5


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Tis' the Season....Middle of winter, when many of you have moved on to other things and aren't even reading this right now, BUT some of you are still here....hungry for progress. So this week Rob and MB discuss some tips, tricks and considerations for those of you who are going to try to ski some this winter OR even for you crazies that are skiing THROUGH the winter!  And, if you are someone who knows something that we didn't cover/discuss, PLEASE leave us your tips or input in the comments below!  Thanks for listening and subscribe/share if you like what you're hearing! 

Show Notes:
1:15 - Make sure you take some time off in the Winter…
1:40 - Cold Water exposure is good for you
2:25 - Best wetsuit for winter skiing??
4:00 - Warm water before you ski?
5:20 - Goal for Winter Skiing: Rhythm and Cadence?
6:05 - Take time off, or try to ski through the winter?
8:05 - What are your long term goals?
8:25 - Under-Recovery:  (Mental and Physical Burnout)  Biggest deciding factor on whether you SHOULD take time off or not.
10:25 - If your goal is massive improvement, don’t be afraid to ski throughout the winter (if possible) as long as you’re listening to your body and mind.
10:40 - Rob: In-season vs Off-season priorities.
11:30 - Reasonable expectations for skiing through winter
13:00 - How to adjust for skiing in Cold Water.
17:30 - Freeskiing in the Winter?
18:25 - Athletic Stance and Rhythm
19:10 - Fin tweaks for cold water??

This podcast is Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify! - Search "FPM Podcast" Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7hPWjzP... Google Podcasts: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0... www.FlowPointMethod.com https://www.FlowPointMethod.com

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Just watched this, surprised no comments yet. I  live in W WA and used to stop skiing by Nov & start up again in April. I work  full time so am lucky to get out one or two days on the weekends.  I never felt like I was back in ski shape again until late June/early July.  I joined HT in 2017 and found a great group of skiers that love the challenge of skiing year round. Only thing that keeps us off the lake is ice (Gordon doesn't like what it does to the fiberglass!) I have been able to ski at least one day a month year round since April 2017, ave 2-3/month. Finally broke my streak due to hip replacement this month. For me, the biggest plus of winter skiing is the feel that I never get out of ski shape, so now at 65 yrs old, May-Nov are really great ski months for me. We wear dry suits, have a big cooler of hot water on the docks; everyone has their own preferences for winter gloves, hats, layering. As long as the water is over 45, feet & hands tolerate it ok.  Have also found by staying with it all year, it's much easier to stay acclimated to the cold. Will be interesting to see what kind of ski shape I am in in when I am released to ski again in June.

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