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Adam Caldwell, Kittery, Maine native, a graduate of the University of Maine - Orono, an innovator and leader in the waterski community, and founder of Denali skis, needs our help.


Adam has been diagnosed with a rare form of pneumonia. He has been fighting off illness, but recently was taken down hard. He is currently hospitalized and is waiting for some good news.


Adam’s dedication and passion for waterskiing are unmatched. He is constantly looking for ways to share his knowledge. If you catch him at Trophy Lakes on Johns Island, SC, and you ask him to ride, he will rarely turn down the opportunity to offer advice and does not expect a thing in return. His skis have started a revolution, and if you ride one, you know what we are talking about.


He has put his life into this community, and now it is time to rally. If you can spare anything, it is appreciated, even if it is just sharing this post or saying a prayer. If you want one of the best skis on the market and can support our small business owner on his road to recovery, order one!!


Please support your hard-working family member, friend, coach, athlete, engineer, and business owner!


Adam has been extremely excited and invested in the development of the new 2023 Denali, choosing to forgo his engineering contract this year. Unfortunately, his dedication has put him in the position of being uninsured at this time.


We will keep everyone updated on his prognosis through this page.


Though I am sure he wants to respond to everyone, he is going through a lot, and we want to respect him at this time. To send good wishes, please message [email redacted] and he can get back to everyone when he is ready and able.

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We were so lucky to have Adam as part of our INT family when he was in New England.  He was an amazing skier, person and friend.  We are so sorry to hear about his illness. Contributing to his fund is the least we can do.  Thank you for the opportunity to help Adam.

Sandi and Alex Dephoure

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Adam was kind of enough to spare some time, while I was in town for vacation, to show me some of the amazing research (had drawer full of experimental fins!) he does. His engineering knowledge and how he uniquely applies it to water skis is truly a gift to the sport. Just added to this fund. Get well soon Adam!

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