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A message from Dawn Goode


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Dear Eric,
Goode Ski Technologies has been an integral part of my life since I married Dave in 1999. The company has given me the opportunity to visit many beautiful places and gain countless new friends from across the world.
When Dave died three years ago, we committed to working with the team Dave built and mentored to continue serving our customers and distributors, and supporting our sales representatives, sponsored athletes and major professional and amateur events, including the Goode U.S. Nationals.
With those goals accomplished and the company doing well and positioned for growth, I'm excited to enter a new stage in my life and transition the company to a new generation of leaders. 
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I have sold Goode Ski Technologies to Chris Roberts, the company's current general manager and an employee since 2005. Chris, pictured above with me, has been an integral part of our success since Dave's passing and he understands as well as anyone the company's reputation for innovation and its cutting-edge place in water and snow skiing. I am confident that Chris will continue to manage the company in a way that Dave would be proud of, while also finding new ways to deliver performance and results for its valued customers. 
Chris will have the support of a strong team of employees – many of whom have been with Goode for decades – and the most accomplished pro team in the business. And I'm happy to report that the company will continue to support and manage the Dave Goode Memorial Foundation.   
For more than four decades Goode Ski Technologies has measured itself by innovative products and world-record performances. With Chris' leadership and his team's support, I am confident that it will continue to do so for many years to come.  
Thank you all for your friendship and encouragement, both in building and growing the company, and in the aftermath of Dave's tragic death. Although I plan to retire from competition, I will continue to ski recreationally. I wish you the very best and hope to cross paths with all of you – either on the water or the snow – in the near future.
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