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Stolen Ski Gear, Help Requested, on Ski It Again

Stevie Boy

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Just thought I would post this, looks like somebody had their Slalom, Trick and Jumpers Stolen.

They posted it on Ski It Again, I dont know how to put the Link here, but the listing number is below.


POST ID: SIA65878       CATEGORY: Slalom
I am reaching out to the ski community for help. Between Dec 24, 2022 and Jan 2, 2023 my enclosed trailer was stolen from a storage unit in Biloxi, MS. ALL of my competition ski equipment was STOLEN and has yet to be recovered. Please be on the look out for some very nice 84 inch goodman jumpers with small or xsmall bindings, brand new Masterline 3 event bag with a brand new jump rope and handle. Shred ready helmet, eagle shorty jumpsuit, black and pink. Early 2000s D3 trick ski and D3 x7 slalom ski with XS Wiley bindings. Black and white trick rope and handle. Syndicate black and pink women's M? vest.

I doubt the criminals know about ski-it-again. I am checking Marketplace and offerup daily, craigslist and ebay occasionally. Please, please message me right away if you see any suspicious postings.

I was already planning to buy a new slalom ski this year but I doubt I will be a three eventer if I am not able to recover at least part of my gear. Insurance companies will only cover so much and I can't afford to replace an entire household along with all my ski gear. Maybe with some luck we can catch these idiots.
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