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Is there one Baller whose posts you do not want to see?


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I always thought this would be a nice feature, but I would be reluctant to use it. Are notifications still received if an ignored user mentions you?  Can you see who is ignoring you? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings unless their posts really make me irate!

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@dchristman nobody ever knows. you can configure it so you just don't see their posts or their messages or both or whatever. 

I'm pretty sure everybody will have set @jimbrake to ignore by the end of next week



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@HortonIf I block you, and then someone else Quotes you will I still see your comments in the Quote ?

While you are still working on your forum setup would it be possible for you to turn off the Edit Notifications ?   Occasionally someone might edit something with questionable intent, but I am sure most of the time its to fix a typo or syntax error or improve their content.   The resulting forum would be cleaner without the Editing Notifications.  I frequently make typing mistakes, but the Editing notifications downgrade the messages  IMO   

Or at least change the font to Normal, not Bold.

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