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Masters LCQ / ProWater Ski Tournament VLOG w/ Rob Hazelwood


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A now amateur event with Pro DNA... No money is on the line but a ticket to one of the biggest shows in water skiing is! The LCQ is the Last chance to make it to the US Masters and it is always a big fight to win your ticket! 

Time Stamps:
00:00 - Intro
00:51 - Round 1 Details
01:52 - Rob's Round 1
02:42 - Round 1 Scores
03:44 - Mid Round Plan
04:50 - Rob's Round 2
05:53 - Jon's Round 2
06:31 - Sahsa Descuns Round 2
06:45 - Round 2 Scores
07:08 - The Big Run-off Begins
10:04 - Sudden Death Run-off
11:22 - Sasha Recap
12:10 - Thank Yous

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