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Jump distance augmented reality app


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Hi guys,


I had time to waste and asked GPT4 to make this iOS app:




I don’t like how in jump tournaments live streams we can’t really tell how far an athlete has jumped. 

The app draws an augmented reality line on the water. Say the leader has jumped 223 feet, you insert that number and the app draws a line there so you can see how close the other jumpers are getting to that score. 

It’s designed to be used by people who want to stream jump events, or just people who don’t have a Splash Eye and want to have an idea of how far their athletes are jumping.


It requires an “anchor image” of your choice that functions as reference point to render the augmented reality line. You can place it on a tripod in front of the iPhone.


The coordinates of the “anchor image” relative to the ramp can be calculated with the app itself (it has an inbuilt “theodolite” that triangulates your position).


If you are sitting on the shore at a jump event you can also just use the “theodolite” function of the app to know exactly where you are relative to the ramp.


I’ll probably ask GPT4 to do a slalom related app as well. I was thinking of drawing lines on the water at specific width, to “prove” a score in training is legit and no long-rope/narrow-course/zigzag-driving was going on. It would place the line based on rope length and inputted skier’s reach.

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