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    Jaret Llewellyns Jump Crash from the IWSF World Cup 2009 in Dubna Russia. During a jump off against fellow Canadian Ryan Dodd, to decide first place in the opening world cup round.

    What is ramp angle and why should it concern you?... Ramp angle is the angle between your heel and forefoot which is determined by your ski boots and your bindings. It has a direct relationship to your fore / aft plane of balance. Increasing or decreasing this angle moves your center of mass forward or aft over the skis. Contrary to common belief changing the forward lean angle on your boot will not have the same effect, What is the correct degree? How does your equipment affect this angle? What are the symptoms of too little or too much ramp angle? If you are not aware of all the factors that affect fore and aft balance over your skis and how to change them, you are probably not at the optimum angle and not skiing to your potential. The following will help clarify all factors that affect ramp angle related to skiing and how to find the optimum angle for your own skiing.

    Karina Nowlan Interview

    Current women's slalom co-world record holder Karina Nowlan took some time from her globe trotting schedule to answer a few questions for BallOfSpray.

    Dr. Jack Horton Interview

    A few months before I was born in 1968, my father Dr. Jack Horton began pumping water in the first ever purpose-built tournament water ski lake. In early 1969, he and Bob Barton took the inaugural ski rides at Horton Lake. Now, 40 years later, I asked my father about the early days. 

    Most slalom skiers have heard the term “handle control” thrown around, but there is frequent misunderstanding, or sometimes a complete lack of understanding, about what handle control really is and why it is important. I will attempt to explain my views on handle control and why I believe it is the single most important aspect of short line slalom skiing.

    I received the below email today. Attached are early fin setting instructions that look to have been typed by Kris LaPoint. If you are a waterski history fan, this is pretty cool stuff.

    I was going through a bunch of old ski stuff and came across this. Don't know where it came from, but it's kinda cool to look back at. What a simple time. Now you see how I used that ruler on my swiss army knife to set depth and tail when I was back at Cory's.

    Basic Relaxed Position

    In this time when new techniques and styles are evolving, I think some skiers lose sight of the core fundamentals of body position and technique. To become a more accomplished skier is to master the fundamentals and then find the refinements that will take you to the next level. Below is a look at one of the most fundamental building blocks of proper skiing.

    Your Ski is a Lever - 2004

    “Your Ski is a Lever” is an article that I wrote in 2004. Since then some of my thinking as evolved but the basic concepts have not changed.

    Adam Cord Interview 2008

    For the first installment of the BallOfSpray interview series I asked Adam Cord if he would allow me to pepper him with a few questions.

    Andy Mapple Tribute Video

    I don't know where to start....what to say.   I had 2 heroes growing up:  Bob LaPoint, and Andy Mapple.  As a testament to how incredible the towed Watersports industry is, I have become friends with both of my heroes through the years.  Bob is someone I work very close with, and consider a great friend and mentor.  Aside from having the pleasure of competing against Andy for multiple years on the Pro Tour, I had another, deeper relationship.

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