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What are the latest A-1 settings.


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went one hole forward with my Animal Boot on a 67.5 that put me at 29 3/4. I'm not the skier most people are but I can tell you this. Been a a brand new 65.75 Goode 9800 SL LF. Put at least a dozen sets on the 98 and many many more on both a 66 and 67 RCX. The Nomad RCX in a 66 was a better turning ski than the 98 for me because #1 there is no G10 plate making it skittish and unpredictable and stiffer underfoot. You would be better just straight mounting (imo) to the Goode. Nomad RCX blows it away in predictability but the new A1 BLOWS them both away. Have to measure to get a base line but just put 3 sets on this 67.5 with stock fin settings. Offside is just stupid good. This A1 has made skiing fun again and now I finally feel like I have found a ski that encourages me to take things beyond 34/15.


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