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Wanted:08 SN 196 Black/Grey/White


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I am looking for a 2008 Ski Nautique 196 with ZO.  The colors I am looking for are the Black/Grey/White combo.  I found two on the East coast, but am looking for something on the west coast. 


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Not an exact match, but I know of a Nautique promo guy at Bell Acqua that has a grey and white '09 (with ZO, of course) that he'll be looking to sell here soon. Don't know what he's asking, but I can find out if you'd like. Sweet boat. I've skied behind it several sets this year. where are you located?


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I'm on the east coast but it is that exact match, not sure if we have spoken. Selling pretty darn cheap so might be worth your while to ship it. It's gotta go!




2008 196 Limited (black/grey/white)

Faria Digital Gauges

Air/Water Temp Gauge

Depth Finder

Keyless Ignition

PCM Excalibur 5.7L V-8 343hp

Clarion Stereo - satellite ready

Remote with display

Polk Momo speakers

Ipod/MP3 input

Zero Off – Rev. Q



Optional graphics

Teak platform

Stainless step pads



Pull out cleats


Diamond plate on trailer

Disc brakes

Rankin cover

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Well Mike,I (and other people you contacted) took offense to your emails. You claimed you were waiting for a "smoking" deal and that I should contact you if my "situation" changed. What "situation" would that be? If I lose my job? If I declare bankruptcy? If I need to put food on the table? Your email offended me and all I did was suggest you change the wording of it. I never insulted you (go back and read it). In fact, I wished you good luck in finding another boat. If you took offense, then I apologize.


I did say that these "smoking" deals are hurting the promo program. That is 100% true. Other than that, you read way too much into my email. I was simply suggesting you change your wording so as not to upset anyone.


My price is NOT firm. You never came back with a counter offer. However, it is the least expensive '08 Limited on the market so I'm not going to come down much. In fact, it is priced less than many of the '08 SE's out there. So, my boat is the exact match for what you are looking for and is the least expensive one on the market (that i know of). But if it's not a "smoking" deal in your opinion, then so be it and I truly wish you luck finding that right deal.

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1 - I had the exact same thought when I bought my rankin!



2 - I thought there were 2 possibilities when the 200 came out:



a) the 196 would become a "classic" and demand would go up while sales for the 200 would lag, or



b) the 196 would become instantly outdated and everyone would lose their shirt on their 196



I've found people currently looking for a 196 are looking for a steal...they want it $10k less than what it's worth.



Unless someone is in dire circumstances (e.g. lost job) it's not gonna happen.



I think we'll really know where the market stands after boat show season...customers will be exposed the 200 and will have to make a choice...do they want to spend the extra $ or not...I think demand for the 196 will go up in Feb-Mar of 2010.



[edit - not sure why my paragraphs don't take]

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Scarlet, you need to add html code for the spaces. It is... br surrounded by the greater and less than signs.


I agree with ya'll. I have only heard of two 200's being ordered from promo guys. We will probably see more 196's in tournaments than the 200. Unless I sell my 196, I don't think there will be one from NC to Maine.


At the same time, i now understand where Boody is coming from. He just wants the best deal he can get. I sent him and email, apologized for the misunderstanding and hopefully we are cool.

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With the recent extension for use of 2007 boats,  I anticipate that the 196 will still be viable in the marketplace for some time.  I predict that by next year, you will be able to get an exception to use a 2007 196 w/ ZO for tournaments beyond 2011.  This would mean that any club that has access (club boat) to a 196 w/ ZO would be able to use it to pull their tournaments.  I intend to keep my 2007 w/ ZO and use it to pull our tournaments when current year boats are not available (day is coming).   Going forward, I believe we (AWSA) should adopt a version of the IWSF rules that allow any boat that was approved to pull tournaments.  You can set a world record behind a 2007 SN w/ZO in an IWSF event but you can't set a US Record behind one.  USA Water Ski's "approval" process has perpetuated this system for way too long.

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I hear what you are saying. It definitely is a mess. If we do it that way.... what happens if the club boat breaks down? what if the club doesn't have a boat (ours doesn't)? If others bring their personal boats, how do we compensate them? Not disagreeing with you, just asking more questions.


The promo program plays a vital role in our sport. Maybe we should adapt changes (like some you suggest) that better supports those people.

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Dave:  The promo program's primary objective is to move product for the manufacturers.  The role it plays in our sport is driven by the approval process of USA Water Ski and the towboat rules that govern tournaments.  I'm not discounting its effectiveness in either circumstance.  I was on Nautique's promo program for 15 years.  I understand the factors involved.  My point was that the promo programs as we know them are changing and may possibly go away.

I predict that if a club wants to have a tournament in 2011 and beyond, they better have a club boat to pull it.  If you are fortunate enough to have a promo owner in the vicinity, you will  probably have to compensate him for coming to your tournament (we already do this).   If it is a personal boat, compensation of some sort will probably be required - similar to "renting" the boat for the day.

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