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West Coast Slalom Visual Training Video


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I posted the details of Terry Winters new “West Coast Slalom Visual Training Video” on the main site tonight. http://ballofspray.com/gear-reviews/233-brand-new-west-coast-slalom-visual-training-video

Please read the full text from the link above before you comment - This DVD is not the normal Water Ski Video

The most important thing in the article is what the DVD is and IS Not – the producer and Terry’s text below.

What this IS:
• A very simple but extremely effective TOOL for using your own body’s neuromuscular mechanism to improve or refine your slalom technique.

• A right brain based process for teaching the skill of visualizing and FEELING the movement pattern being modeled.

What this is NOT:
• A detailed analytical evaluation or study of technique or parts of technique (this was covered quite well in the West Coast Slalom Advanced DVD).
• An entertainment film.
• A left brain based cognitive analysis of movement.

What do I think?
Do I think the theory is valid? Heck YEA! I do think that if you are looking for someone to TELL you exactly what to do (like your wife does) you will find it to be a waste of time. It is NOT coaching.

If you are open minded to sports psychology, you will find it to be a very insightful and powerful training tool. I really like it but am sure the Neanderthal among you will not get it. I mean no offence to Dave Smart, Joe Darwin, Ward McLain and the GIECO guys.  

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