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I need some interloc for wileys rubber bindings? I do not want the boot and rtp to release from the ski. I just do not want to put holes in the ski. Am I correct in that I will need the 400 level Interloc? Also, where is the cheapest place to get this stuff? Thanks.
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Interloc = 3M Dual Lock


3M Dual Lockâ„¢ - SJ3560 1" X 1 Yard - Clear 250

Part#: SJ3560

3M Dual Lockâ„¢ - SJ3561 1" X 1 Yard 400

Part#: SJ3561

These guys should advertise here.


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Thanks for the post Horton, being a new Goode skier, I need some more of that stuff.  Plus I just got the wife a Karina Nolan Goode ski and powershells.  She loves it, found the link on your website.  A tad expensive.....but  I see a lot of guys whos wife doesn't ski, so I am lucky.
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