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Ski places in South Korea


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Good question. I think a couple in the south do, Ive never been there as I did most of the searching with Google maps and daum.net. There's at least one ski course in Gapyeong where half the country goes to ski and wakeboard, but its FUCKING BUSY there. Im almost positive there's one in chuncheon as there have been competitions there, but I dont remember seeing it. The small lake by Osan has one as does a TINY little lake north of Cheonaon "Swan Lake".


Without a car a lot of these places are hard to get to. I've got a motorcycle so I can get to them, but the further away they are the harder it is since I cant ride on the freeways and the backroads/highways wind around the mountains and have frequent stop lights near cities.


There are also a grip of places to ski on the Hangang in soul. Dont come in July as the river is flooded and no one will take you. But skiing on a sunny morning in the middle of an asian metropolis cant be beat.

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