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Brent, the things that escape me - especially when they are right on the front page...


Travel can be interesting. To paraphrase Three Dog Night, "I've never been to Spain but I've been to Missouri" (or is it Oklahoma - what does it matter?). I went to MO and KY (if the weather wasn't so miserable in the midwest the Ozarks would be really cool) to collect on the millions that were promised to me by the Nigerian CIA agent after I gave them my checking account numbers. I didn't realize that Kabul is not in Afganistan but MO (pronounced Misery) and actually spelled Cabool until I went there. I couldn't quite make it over to take up Ham's offer to go duck hunting and drink Scotch (the future in laws are too close to being PETA vegetarian teetotalers from Kentucky) so I sailed to Arkansas (on a sailboat! Are there any courses on Bull Shoals?). Even though I didn't get the millions, Bob Johnson suspects that those Nigerians are real and actually gave me the money plus Mike's 2500 euros.


Hopefully this makes no sense... But I always make big spray!



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